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Sunday, April 15, 2007

OzHUG Haiku Distro

I thought I'd kick off discussions of the OzHUG distribution of Haiku, which we will be hosted and supported by ourselves.

The name of our distro is yet to be decided, but at present it is going by the moniker, Haiku - OzHUG Edition.

The main goals of our distribution are:-
* to be English (Australia) Language-based distro
* to include apps that compliment and enhance the User Experience but not so much as to cause "bloat"

All decisions will be via private member polls and online polls. The online polls will have less weighting but this is still your chance to have a say.

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Blogger eNGIMa said...

Sound intriguing. Will have to keep up with any announcements on this one.

Is there any particularly firm direction or capability OzHug would be interested in particularly? Or more of a general desktop?

Mon Apr 16, 08:54:00 PM 2007

Blogger Sikosis said...

basically, your run of the mill desktop OS with a few extra apps thrown in for the inner geek ;)

and on that note, the poll has decided that our Distro Size should be around the 600mb mark. This certainly gives us a bit of room to store some lovely little goodies.

Fri Jun 22, 06:31:00 PM 2007


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